Frequently Asked Questions


You have questions. Fair enough! We do our best to answer them here.

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how does the cloth diaper service work?

Twice a week, we will drop off fresh + clean cloth diapers and pick up the diapers your baby has used in the meantime. We do all the cleaning so that you don’t have to.

How do these diapers work?

We are very excited to offer a modern style of cloth diaper known as an ‘all-in-two’! This diaper is made up of two parts, the absorbent insert and the waterproof cover. The insert snaps right in to the cover, meaning that putting the diaper on your baby is a one-step process!

What’s all this about covers?

As part of the service, we launder and provide you with the absorbent inserts. You will need covers to go over the inserts in order to contain the moisture! You only need to change the cover every 4-6 diaper changes. If there is quite a bit of moisture, you can just give the cover a quick wipe and set aside to dry until the next diaper change.

Covers can be washed in with your regular laundry and either tumble dried on low or hung to dry.

We recommend that you have 4-6 covers. The covers that go with our inserts are Mother ease Wizard Duo Covers. We sell covers on our online shop and we also offer rental covers for $1/week.

WHat can i expect when i first start the service?

After you sign up, we will contact you to schedule a Hello + Demo. During the Hello + Demo, we will get a chance to meet you, drop off your starter kit, show you how the diapers work, set your delivery days, and answer all of your questions!

What if i’m expecting a baby?

If you’re expecting, we will coordinate with you to drop your first set of diapers off the week before baby is expected to arrive. And not to worry, if your little one arrives early we can always adjust! We know that it can be a really busy time, so please take any time you need getting settled and we will be ready for you whenever you’re ready for us :)

what diaper creams can i use?

There are many cloth diaper safe creams available. We also carry cloth diaper safe diaper cream and soothing balm in our online shop. They are made locally by Little Bum Baby Products!

Some diaper creams can damage cloth diapers. Please refrain from using:

  • petroleum-based creams, which impact absorbency, and

  • zinc-based creams, which cause stains.

What sizes of diapers do you carry?

We currently have diapers that fit babies from 6 lbs to 35 lbs. If your little one is more than 35 lbs, please contact us to inquire about larger sizes.