Swim Diaper - COMMANDO

Swim Diaper - COMMANDO


Made in Canada by Mother ease!

This reusable Swim Diaper is your perfect solution to contain those messy accidents - keeping the pool water clean!

Mother ease swim diapers are made of soft stretchy bathing suit material meaning your baby won’t get weighed down by a heavy diaper in the pool or lake!

These swim diapers have a soft elasticized waist and legs for a comfortable fit. They're thin, lightweight, and have a series of adjustable waist and leg snaps that open along the sides. They can either be worn alone as a bathing suit or under your baby's bathing suit.


  • Quick and easy clean-up

  • Quick drying

  • Two separate lines of elastic protecting against leaks

  • Soft + gentle elastics create a snug fit

  • Snug fit helps contain solid matter and are approved for public pools

  • No Absorbency - nothing weighing your little one down as they learn to swim

  • Lifetime warranty on snaps

  • Separate waist and leg snap adjustments

Free delivery to Saskatoon + area.

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